Our Seattle location offers treatments of the highest quality, and prices are reasonable enough for all to enjoy.  You will never be sold products with overstated claims or anything but those which will enhance and protect the skin you have.

Your satisfaction is my top priority.  Please let me know how I can make your visit more enjoyable.

While you're here, feel free to take a look around;  see what services we have to offer, and even stop by my Meet Lisa page and learn more about me.  If you ever have questions, just pop over to my contact page where you will find our e-mail and telephone information.  Get in touch with me at any time and I will always answer in as prompt a manner as possible.


Cassie’s Place Skin Care has been nominated for the Best of Seattle Citysearch Spa and Beauty 2011!  It is nice to know that a single operator without the “glitz and glamour” can be nominated!  Makes a gal proudJ  Anyway, as with all things these days, the voting is through Facebook so probably more of a Friends popularity contest than anything else but I am game.  So get the word out because other than my wonderful clients I have a pathetic 23 friends on Facebook!  Just follow the link below to vote.  Voting ends 12/05 so vote when you get this because if anyone has my attention span then blinking will result in revisiting this long after the voting ends!  Here is the link and thank you in advance!

I have often said that if I won a million dollars that I would do exactly what I do but instead of being paid by clients, I would have them put the money toward a charitable organization of their choosing.  I haven't had the luck to win that million dollars yet but that doesn't mean that I can't follow through on a smaller scale and my "Pay It Forward Program" is my way of doing that.

Every month I will be doing numerous facials for no charge.  The only requirement is that the clients receiving these facials agree to do something of equal value for whatever cause or good they believe in.  That's right...you get to choose!  It doesn't have to be monetary and you determine the time and effort you put into this if other than a monetary program.  The only thing I ask is that you write me at some point with your contribution to this fabulous world so that I can share it with others.