CosMedix peels penetrate more slowly than standard chemical peels causing less trauma to the skin while providing a strong stimulation to the basal membrane.  The philosophy of all CosMedix treatments is that in their chirally corrected state ingredients are recognized by the body and function better at the cellular level.   One of these ingredients is L-Retinol A™.  This chirally corrected version of retinol converts to retinoic acid at the basal membrane and as a result is far less irritating when applied topically.  The other ingredients are chirally corrected acids; L-lactate, L-TCA and L-ascorbic acid.  Chiral correction means less pain and inflammation, less free radical production and increased efficiency.

Other than the Blueberry Smoothie and Pomegranate Peel, it is recommended to get the Pre-Peel kits to get the best results of the peel and the Post-Peel kits for protection of the skin afterwards.  All prices other than the “Timeless Peel” are withwout the kits.  As with all peels, it is necessary to use sun protection after you have had the peel but then everyone uses that daily anyway…right?  Also, you should limit sun exposure for two weeks after having a peel.  Peels work best if done in a series.  You receive 10% off retail for a series of 3 and 20% off for a series of 6.


Blueberry Smoothie Peel(very superficial):  This is used for peeling on demand or as a pre-peel treatment.  This refreshing peel exfoliates with Chirally corrected Lactic Acid and then purifies the skin with the powerful antioxidant properties of blueberries.  The hydrating benefit of D-Glucuronic Acid is the finishing touch to this gentle yet effective peel.  Most spas charge an extra $25 when added to a facial service but since my aim is to provide you with the best results, I am including this in my Ultimate Bliss Facial and Rock and Roll facials at no charge.  

Pomegranate Peel(superficial):  The powerful antioxidant properties of Pomegranate are combined with papain enzyme and L-lactic acid to provide an effective and gentle peel.  You can “Peel on Demand” with this peel so it can be added to a facial service.       

$20.00 when added to a facial service.

The Benefit Peel(superficial):  Using purified vitamin C powder and Retinol A™, this peel nourishes, exfoliates and stimulates to produce a radiant, healthy glow.  It is suitable for all skin types and colors.  It is calming and healing and used in the treatment of cosmetic acne, rosacea, sensitive and photo damaged skin.


The Purity Peel(superficial):  A synergistic blend of chirally corrected acids results in a detoxifying peel treatment that fights bacteria, heals and is calming.  The result is a soothing, exfoliating, medical strength peel that is excellent for all grades of acne and impure skin conditions.                                                        


Blueberry Jessner Peel(superficial to medium depth):  Jessner is an exceptional acne drying treatment that also reduces fine lines and improves the appearance of mature, changing skin.  It can be layered to produce an excellent sloughing peel.  Not appropriate for ethnic skin.                   

$70.00 first layer.  $20.00 for each additional layer

The Timeless Peel(medium depth):  This “overnight” peel safely uses L-Retinol A™ to significantly stimulate cell turnover resulting in smoother, denser and more hydrated skin.  It works well for large pores, fine lines, scarring, sun-damaged skin and hyper pigmentation.  This is the one peel where the Pre and Post peel kits are required unless you are currently using Cosmedix or similar products.                    

$195.00 including pre and post peel kits.