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Let's Make a Deal!

 I know that times are difficult for many and that people still need services that offer a quiet respite from other aspects of living in these times.  It is also nice to have your skin looking it’s best too!  So, you can tell me what service you would like and what you can afford to pay and I will tell you whether I can do the service for that price.  It is not that I think my prices are exorbitant because I would say that I have reasonable prices on a daily basis.  But, these are unusual times and require flexibility in many ways.  If you can afford my regular prices…great!  Otherwise, we will work it out and make it affordable for all of you.  So, here are a few guidelines:

  1. I will still have monthly specials.  This is so that those who are paying the full price can have a discount too for those particular services. 

  2. Discussion of the service price needs to be done before the appointment time.  Some services lend themselves to negotiation less than others due to material costs, the actual time the service takes, and the wear and tear on my body!  It doesn't mean that I won't give you a price break.  It just won't be as much of a break.  Below is a list of less flexible services:

  • Repêchage® facials
  • You and Your ???
  • Most Peels
  • Atzen Beyond DNA facial
  • Smooth Operator for the Body
  • 3 R's Facial
  • Waxing Services
  • Any Treatment involving a massage therapist, because I can't negotiate another individual's prices!

Whatever it is, I will do my best to make it fun, relaxing and affordable!  So, I am ready, LET’S DEAL!

610 NW 44th Street
Seattle, WA  98107

For information on other services or to schedule an appointment,

 click here... appointments. or call (206) 355-1443. 

Cassie's Place Skincare
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610 NW 44th Street, Suite 106
Seattle, WA 98107
phone:  (206) 355-1443

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