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In 1985, Catherine Atzen invented Lymphobiology®, which combines the cleansing properties of lymphatic drainage massage-using a device known as the LymphMed™ machine-with the nourishing, antioxidant, balancing properties of natural botanicals, marine extracts, and Integral DNA™  found in the ATZEN Skincare Products.  The LymphMed™ device is highly respected worldwide and has been featured in numerous medical publications.

What is Lymphobiology?

Your lymphatic system consists of the lymph, a colorless fluid that circulates through a system of ducts in the dermis.  Along these ducts the lymph glands act as “purifying stations” destroying bacteria, dead cells and eliminating waste materials and toxins.  In 1936 Dr. Emile Vodder developed a manual massage to stimulate the lymphatic system.  Today, Lymphobiology® combines the ATZEN Lymphobiology® machine with ATZEN biological products containing Integral DNA™, a treatment 8 times faster and more effective than the manual method.

Lymphobiology® treatments speed up the removal of waste materials and excess fluids from the face and body allowing healthier fluid and nutrients to enter the skin tissues to promote the healing and renewal process of the skin.  Lymphobiology® Facial Treatments help to:

*minimize sagging of the skin

*minimize lines and wrinkles

*balances dry or oily skin

*reduces fluid retention

*improves the appearance of sun-damaged skin

*controls acne

*improves the hydration of the skin

*reduce dark circles

*eliminate redness and sensitivity

The treatment is 100% natural, exceptionally effective and extremely relaxing.

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