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Our Seattle facility offers HydraFacials, which are similar to microdermabrasion treatments, without the crystal, and with the added benefit of being infused with hydrating serums at the same time, thus it is known as Hydradermabrasion.  It combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort or downtime.  It improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, congested and enlarged pores, oily or acne-prone skin (Stage 1 and 2 only), hyperpigmentation and brown spots.


The procedure is suitable for most skin types, including thin or aging skin, ethnic and dry or oily skin. 


Until I get a web page up for this specific service, you can go to for extensive information and if you want to see a video click here.


The HydraFacial Treatment Includes the following:


  • Precleanse with the Clarisonic Face Brush

  • HydraFacial Activ-4 Exfoliation

  • HydraFacial Extractions with Beta HD (these are machine extractions not manual extractions)

  • HydraFacial Antioxidant treatment

  • Nutrient Mask

  • 10 minute LED Red light therapy

  • Hand and foot massage



For Two

This has definitely been one of my favorite and most popular specials.  It will probably be on my forever list of services but at a different price so enjoy it for yourself or buy it for others! Here is the list of events:

While you lay on the bed relaxing with a fragrant eye pillow, your “other” person is enjoying a foot scrub and soak and warm goodie around the neck. Your skin is cleansed and while you are being steamed with enzymes, their feet are  wrapped in paraffin.  While they relax you have a facial massage and while you are masking, they get a foot massage.  You are moisturized and you and your “other” switch positions.

So…bring a book, a relaxing attitude and a friend because you get all of this for $105.00.  Let’s see, if my math is correct, that would work out to $52.50 per person!


Just Bliss

A customized facial which includes cleansing, skin analysis, light exfoliation, relaxation massage, mask and a hand massage.  Extractions of the nose only.  For extended extractions, add $10.00.


Ultimate Bliss

The same customized facial as the Just Bliss, but with the addition of a CosMedix Blueberry Smoothie exfoliation, a paraffin hand dip and a relaxing foot massage.  This is a great opportunity given that the CosMedix Blueberry Smoothie exfoliation is an additional charge of $25.00 at most establishments!  Come and feel the power of the Smoothie!  T-Zone Extractions included.


Rock And Roll

A skin care treatment that combines various massage techniques, a customized facial and warm stones-relaxing the body at its deepest level.  T-Zone Extractions included.


The Long Facial

You get to choose 1 ½ hours of the services you would like for $100.  There are certain excluded services so make sure that you read about those below.  Here are a few examples of what you might want to do with your time!

  1. Ultimate Bliss Facial with Lymphatic Drainage, Hand and Foot Scrub, Hand and Foot Paraffin.

  2. Ultimate Bliss Facial with added foot scrub and brow wax.

  3. Smooth Operator with a mini-facial.

  4. 1/2 leg wax and Just Bliss Facial.

  5. And...  the options are endless! 

  • Services Excluded:  Peels, Repêchage® Facials and HydraFacial services


The Short Facial

This is a quick in and out.  Hop up on the table(clothes intact) and I will cleanse, analyze, do a Blueberry Smoothie exfoliation, facial massage with a hydrating mask and a hand massage while the Blueberry Smoothie does it's stuff.  Final moisturization and you are on your way.  Please note that I don't do extractions on this one! 

$55 - $70

Acne / Cleansing Facial 

Skin is cleansed, exfoliated, steamed and massaged with a detoxifying skin cream.  Extensive extractions are performed and followed by an anti-bacterial mask.

Add Green Peel herbs for exfoliation:  $20.00

CosMedix Correct Peels

Besides the fact that Skin Peels make your skin look fresher, research has also shown that skin peels may actually be cancer proofing the skin.  The research treatments at Stanford University were able to get rid of 90% of precancerous lesions called actinic Keratoses which are scaly spots caused from too much sun exposure and some of which may turn into squamous cell carcinoma.  Our Seattle location is proud to offer CosMedix Chirally Correct Peels.  For more detailed information and pricing, click here.

$60 - $70

Back Facial

Treat this hard to reach area with a deep cleansing, exfoliation and purifying mask (extractions performed if necessary).


Smooth Operator For The Body

Treat your body to a salt glow. Sea Salts are mixed with aromatic oil and rubbed all over the body leaving your body silky smooth. The perfect prelude to an application of self-tanner.

$20 - $30


Lash or Brow tints.

Lash:  $20.00
Brow:  $15.00
Both:   $30.00


Complete waxing services available.