It is almost the end of summer (technically) but the weather is holding up pretty well.  However, the summer, as we know it, has been a bit tough on everybody’s skin.  This is the perfect time for a gentle, pampering facial to take us into fall.  This month’s facial combines the pleasant delights of rose together with award winning scientific ingredients!

Welcome to Muse by Christina

Muse addresses the causes and symptoms of a deteriorating defense barrier with a gentle soothing treatment resulting in younger looking skin.  The relaxing, luxurious treatment uses classic French cosmetic methods to preserve your skin, strengthen its barrier ensuring a revitalized, fresh and radiant skin.  What I really like about it is that it also addresses the eyelids (yippee) and the décolleté…two areas which need a bit of loving under any conditions.


Step 1-Cleansing the skin with a Milky cleanser to cleanse the skin from both water-soluble and fat-soluble product traces leaving a soft finish.

Step 2a-Light Rose Peel gently polishes the skin removing surface impurities.  Green Tea extract detoxifies the skin while rose petal extract conditions and enhances the skin’s softness.

Step 2b-Fortified Rose Peel is a more powerful peel that uses green tea, rose petal acids and glycolic acids to renew and refresh the complexion boosting skin’s natural glow.

Step 3-Illuminating Gommage exfoliates with parsley extract absorbing deeper impurities and sweeping them away.

Step 4-Rose Extract Splash soothes and hydrates the skin with rose, blue daisy extracts and glucose complexes.

Step 5-Shoulder, neck and facial massage with Rose Indulging Massage Oil to soothe and energize the skin.  It assists the skin’s overall metabolism.

Step 6- This Beauty Mask has a high concentration of capuacu butter and flax extract to comfort, nourish and shield the skin.

Step 7-Serum Supreme contains detox-active peptides which increase cell metabolism preventing extrinsic skin aging and diminishing signs of premature aging.

Step 8-Application of Shielding Day Cream SPF 30 protecting the skin with hyaluronic acid and glucose complexes.  The perfect finish!

And, OF COURSE, hands and feet are massaged and hands are wrapped in paraffinJ

I hope you come in and enjoy this soothing and delightful facial!


Regular Price  $80     September Special  $70

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Seattle, WA  98107
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