Happy Summer in Seattle!  I know you are enjoying is as much as I am and I have a feeling we are all contributing a bit of sun damage to our skin.  So, the Special this month is designed to help treat hyperpigmentation, brighten the skin and treat photo damage.  The perfect treatment for this time of year.  If we have another “heat wave,” Cassie’s Place is the perfect place to be… it has air conditioningJ

Christina FluorOxygen+C Facial

This 8 Step facial treatment lightens and helps eliminate hyperpigmentation.  It’s blend of natural antioxidants and powerful extracts increase the rate of skin turnover and stimulate epidermal growth, increase elasticity and oxygen consumption leading to healthy, younger appearance. The skin is cleansed with a Clarifying Scrub and prepared for Exfoliation with a Balancing toner.  An Alpha-hydroxy exfoliator with Melanin-Balancing lightening agents is applied to the skin.  On top of this, an Enzymatic Blend of Vitamin C is applied to the skin followed by a ph Rebalancer and soothing Marine Mist.  A Soothing and Bleaching Mask is massaged into the skin and followed with a Pure Vitamin C Algae modeling mask.  Moisturize, sunscreen and you will be on your way with lightened and brightened skin!  Of course, I have to do something while all of these yummy ingredients are sitting on the skin so your hands, feet, shoulders, neck and head will all be massaged…never underestimate the power of relaxation!

This one also works on the Décolleté very well so if you would like to get the part of your body in the action, just add $10!

Regular Price  $80     July / August Special  $70

July Special with Décolleté:  $80

I hope you enjoy the balance of the summer!

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Seattle, WA  98107
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